Armchair Exploration

Feeling shut in? Quarantine got you down? Get your COVID-crusted butt back in that recliner and tour an art gallery anyway!

Tired of those silly barriers and velvet ropes keeping you away from the work? Get up close and really examine those classics!

Babel Zoom 4

No no, closer. Don’t be shy:

Babel Zoom 3

Come on, man, get in there!

Babel Zoom

Now we’re cookin’ with Crisco.

If that kind of art ain’t your thing, maybe you prefer the sort that pulls your particles apart. In that case, take a spin around CERN:


Or launch an experiment.  There’s everything from Chauvet to Harry Potter in there. Because I must, I donated a word to the Poem Portraits. The two line poem it generated failed to impress, but guess which word is mine:


Whatever your mood, let’s face it, you’re not going anywhere today. If you aren’t busy counting your toilet paper or calling the police on those kids who aren’t practicing social distancing out there on your lawn, there’s an awful lot of other ways to fill your time right here.


3 thoughts on “Armchair Exploration”

  1. I am really enjoying your posts.

    I am an essential service, and Portland hasn’t shut down completely, so I have to go in to work. I haven’t had much time for writing, being so tired at night. But I did manage a haiku today:

    March 2020

    Across the park, men
    Scatter grass seed this morning.
    Is that Walt Whitman?


  2. That’s a brilliant, tight, faithful haiku.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying these. I haven’t been able to sustain the right mindset for poetry because of all the responsibilities here. And the novel is very much on hold. But it’s been fun live-blogging the plague. I really wanted to have something to look back on when this is over – especially decades down the road.


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