Let’s Reflect on Heaven

Symmetry is an answer key –
kind, like a held hand.
But Love, go out and find for me –
in our infinity of mirrorlands,
some mathless magic in the sea –
a scientist’s anomaly.
Love, go make discoveries!
Write them in divine shorthand.
Find – but don’t bring back to me!
that sanctified asymmetry.
The matchless wing, the squareless root,
will die here in captivity.
Then – come back and lay with me –
show me what you’ve written down.
Fingers like a drunken bee
will trace an ‘up’ that needn’t ‘down’
and mate the palms of unlike hands
to pray like only difference can.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Reflect on Heaven”

    1. I grabbed Pale Fire, thanks to your comment (and thanks FOR your comment, as well). I could probably have burned through it pretty quickly, but I’m giving it some good time and attention. It’s gorgeous, really. “As night unites the viewer and the view…”

      “And so I pare my nails, and muse, and hear
      Your steps upstairs, and all is right, my dear.”


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