Sandpoint 2

Not very clever with the titles, but now we’re talking:

Obviously the view is East. I may look up tomorrow’s sunrise and see about waking up for it. Happens pretty early, though. And don’t be fooled, it’s only 48 degrees out there. It really doesn’t feel like that, though, even out on the deck.

I made the effort to pivot my old bones a little bit South for this one. An idea of what the complex/resort looks like:

I think we’re in the rental section of the community. Those roofs in the picture are on top of what seem to be more permanent residences, with attached 2 car garages and individual entrances. We cooked outside last night, having reserved 90 minutes at a small, “shared” patio type area with three grills and two large tables. A woman who identified herself as an owner came over and asked us our story. Much conversational box-checking occurred rapidly, with all the right nodding and affected amazement over all the rubes out there who aren’t wearing masks at the grocery stores, etc. It’s the newest and best virtue signal. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t think we should be wearing masks, it only means that I always feel a little ashamed and embarrassed for people when they reach for the cliches, the banal social passwords that hamper and postpone the move towards any real human exchanges. It’s like rubbing a magic lamp and saying, “I dunno, genie. I guess I wish for some string cheese. I like string cheese.” It’s disappointing. You could do so much more with that.

We hiked yesterday. It was cold, but just about right for a bunch of old people and their kids.

Most things don’t change, even though being out in the country, 6 hours from home, feels very different. I always have that little insecurity that makes me wonder if people are doing every thing in unrecognizable and unfamiliar ways, but mostly they are not:

What are the “ing” words? Gerunds? My God, those were difficult in Arabic. I still don’t know them. But here in English, I can recognize the way they result in sentence fragments in several parts of that sign. It’s been funny how the pandemic has exposed the poor grasp of grammar that prevails out there in the world.

– The Pandemic Pedant.

The trail was fairly quiet. We passed a handful of small groups along the way. One of the groups was wearing masks already, so we put ours on (always at the ready, natch) as we passed and muttered muffled “how ya doin’s,” and got on our way. We didn’t finish. The kids lost patience, even after a stop for lunch, and when we saw the 2 mile marker well past the point when we all believed we had gone 2 miles, we knew that it was time to turn back. We had lunch here:

The rest of the night was peaceful. We put some camp chairs on the beach to catch the last 20 minutes or so of sun, and back at the condo The Italian said to me, “Today went by very slowly. Like it should.”

But it’s 8:00, kids from both families are mobilizing, the sun is out, and I have swim trunks on. Time to eat some cinnamon rolls and head into the day.

Oh yeah! Yesterday I had my first alcohol in about 3.5 years. A “Good Behavior” from Odell brewing in my old stomping grounds of Ft. Collins, Colorado. It was fine, whatever. Sipped a hard cider, too, and immediately remembered that I never liked those. Anyway, beer having been had, I can say that it didn’t reignite any desire to pour 9 more down my neck and start giving high fives and swearing around the kids. Honestly, an icy Coke tastes an awful lot better, and is a thousand times more refreshing. Never mind things like ginger beer, lemonade, etc.

Pontoon boat today! 2-6:00, then beach fire and s’mores. Happy 3rd of July!

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