The PVP Diaries #50

Update 5-27

I’m just a guy, doing this again.


I’m tired. Broadly and acutely, after this long hibernation and a short night’s sleep. Let’s let Emily Dickinson write #50 for us:

My nosegays are for Captives –
Dim – long expectant eyes,
Fingers denied the plucking,
Patient till Paradise.

To such, if they should whisper
Of morning and the moor,
They bear no other errand,
And I, no other prayer.


Sometimes tomorrow, Comrade Citizen—

1 thought on “The PVP Diaries #50”

  1. Of Tribulation, these are They,
    Denoted by the White —
    The Spangled Gowns, a lesser Rank
    Of Victors — designate —

    All these — did conquer —
    But the ones who overcame most times —
    Wear nothing commoner than Snow —
    No Ornament, but Palms —

    Surrender — is a sort unknown —
    On this superior soil —
    Defeat — an outgrown Anguish —
    Remembered, as the Mile

    Our panting Ankle barely passed —
    When Night devoured the Road —
    But we — stood whispering in the House —
    And all we said — was “Saved”!


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