The PVP Diaries #46


Update 5-19

I’m just a guy with a pile of damp sand in the driveway.


There’s so much that goes on everyday, and yet so little happening. I think that’s where the paralysis comes from. Press conferences and new websites and dashboards and applications for this and that and collapsing bridges and closing streets…masked mayors and lines at the hardware store and yet the sun and rain, and yet the sun, and yet…

There’s a blog I used to read every day (it’s still going strong) that eventually led me to recognize something about the relationship between criticism and character. The author had outstanding, clever, brilliant insights into all the political  happenings in the world. He saw the flaws in all of the more widely accepted and vociferously approved social movements, and was extremely adept at logically, sensibly, rationally deconstructing them to show them for the flawed propositions that they were (are) (as long as they were carried out by progressives). I almost invariably agreed with him. I have no doubt that he has an awful lot to say on a daily basis about the Wuhan Flu and all the turmoil surrounding it. But then I realized that after a year or so of reading and commenting on his essays, I was in the company of someone who spent a significant amount – probably a majority – of his mental and emotional energy, on complaining. Every. Single. Day. Often at great length. However much I agreed or believed him to be right, it was inexhaustible negativity. I thought and wrote:

I can’t imagine a life with my daughter if, even after these scant four years, she had a dour, bitter, angry father. Would she ever smile at anything other than someone else’s misfortune? 


3 days later and I am still slowed by my wet sand, but little by little I am drying it out and making progress:

Nearly there 2

Nearly There

I actually got out of bed last night – minutes after climbing in – because I remembered that there was rain in the forecast. I threw on some clothes and swept up my drying sand so I could get a tarp over it. Fool me once…


I guess I know what to expect from my mornings for a while:


My daughter’s happiness is all simple, and all wonderful, and none of it is dependent upon her own perception of her cleverness among the throngs. There are only two people in the world who know how to smile like a four year old: A four year old, and the person holding her hand. It’s never long before she tells me I’m squeezing too hard.

Please loosen your grip, Comrade Citizen. You’re hurting her.


2 thoughts on “The PVP Diaries #46”

  1. I haven’t been online for a few days. So I will leave one comment covering multiple days. Your neighbor is a peach. What a great guy to come over and do manual labor without being asked. The new additions to the family are precious. Kittens are so much fun. I’m partial to black and gray coats. We have 3 kitties we love. I can understand about the boy being upset when he thought he might not advance to 4TH grade. It is a big deal when your that age. Glad he’s got it all under control and caught up. I think with the weirdness of WuFlu, they would have made sure he got things as needed to pass, even if it took extra time. I make it a point to stay away from people who are always negative. I wonder about the influence they have on their kids too. Your patio project is looking fantastic. I hope you can get finished in time for the holiday weekend. Maybe the wet sand was a way to keep you from over doing it an hurting yourself. What a nice new living area for your home. It will also increase the value of your home. Sounds like your brother is being himself.


  2. Wow, KC. You really covered some ground there. Thanks for taking the time!

    “Maybe the wet sand was a way to keep you from over doing it an hurting yourself.”

    You might be right. So far no injuries (knocks wood), just some good, old fashioned exhaustion.


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