The PVP Diaries #40

Gitano’s mouth opened for a word, and remained open while his brain sought the word. “I think it was quiet—I think it was nice.”

-Steinbeck, The Red Pony

Update 5-6

I found this handy resource. I’ll be interested in seeing what the totals look like after 2020 is over:

Death Totals
Deaths by State/county


You might remember a brief note in my 25th entry, wherein I talked about Seattle’s new “Stay Healthy Streets” program. They closed streets to through traffic in order to give people more freedom to walk without getting too close to each other. Kinda silly and excessive and transparently meaningless, considering you can technically still drive there, you’re just not supposed to unless you’re a resident on the street or your destination is within the zone. And because you remember that, you also remember that I (and countless others) said:

They’re simply not even considering an end to this. And while I’m no doomsayer, no conspiracy theorist, this is precisely the kind of “temporary” measure that finds a way to stick around after it’s supposed to go away.

Now note yesterday’s headline at the SDOT blog:

2020 bike investments to accelerate, including 20 miles of Stay Healthy Streets to become permanent in Seattle

I read a comment from a delivery driver who noted the obvious, which is that the streets are not closed to traffic by this order, but people are walking around on them as if they are. There are a few theories about why the city’s done this. I’m sure some or all of them are at least partly true – even the good ones from the apparent minority who are in favor. In the end it was done for the same reason that everything’s done: the sweet trifecta of 1. saving money (for themselves), in order to 2. get money. And also 3. Votes. Nothing is done by any politician anywhere if he or she doesn’t think it’ll secure more votes.

Not that I care a heck of a lot, but a man eventually gets to feeling like he’s shrugged off one too many things. Inner peace gained by submission is an illusion. I guess I’ll make sure to vote.


I’m a morning person if anything. Not that I relish it – if you see me at a time that might be considered “early,” it’s perfectly ok if you don’t say good morning. And feel free to not turn on any lights if you don’t need to. But I would rather get up early to get things done than stay up late. After enough attempts at both, I know I am a morning writer far more than a night time one. I am becoming older and more interested in getting ahead of things, rather than dragging them out past their usefulness. Things grow too thin in the twilight.

I always want to spell that “twighlight.”


The Patio:

May 6
May 6
May 7
May 7

As I get closer to consequence, I consult my brother more and more. He builds houses in Massachusetts and could sneeze a patio better than I could build one. Don’t mind the string – I just moved it around a bit to make sure I was deep enough across the entire dig. Haven’t marked the actual boundaries yet. Then I went and watched this:

“it’s also the tool that will label you either a pro or a beginner, about as quickly, and about as clearly, as any other tool that you might pick up and try to use.”

My base material doesn’t get here until Wednesday, so I have time to practice. (H/T Gerard, who is the reason I know The Essential Craftsman exists, from a riveting post some time ago wherein Scott Wadsworth taught me the Truth about using ladders.)


Your “Homeless in Coronafornia” update for today:

“It’s exactly the same as always, hahaha.”

There wasn’t much else. He moves around a lot and is dependent on free wifi spots, so a lot of convesations end pretty abruptly. There’s also a lot of unintended poetry in the way the abbreviated communications come out on messenger, if you’re looking for it. This happened just before we spilt for the day:

The governor spoke of things gradually opening but
not church for heaven’s sake
I thought we were protected by the lord
Guess not
It’s like a spiritual facemask


Find your poem, Comrade Citizen!

1 thought on “The PVP Diaries #40”

  1. “There are a few theories about why the city’s done this. There are a few theories about why the city’s done this. ”

    What are you? New to Seattle? The City HATES HATES HATES automobiles. It loves eliminating them everywhere. This is why everything that is worth a lot in tax revenues now exists OUTSIDE the city limits of Seattle. Traffic diet is how they like to starve innovation.


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