The PVP Diaries #38

Time feels slow these days

Update 5-4

In the comments, susaninseattle1 left me this gem yesterday, saying, “I don’t know its provenance so can’t give it accurate attribution, however, thought the parody of our guv oddly satisfying.”

‘We have a 4 phase plan to reopen the state. The plan will be a phased plan that we will plan to utilize in phases. The phases will be planned and the planning will be phased. We will move quickly and slowly to open but remain closed. I have created a staff of staffers who will plan the phase and planning while phasing their phases. And that is our re-opening plan.’

There’s nothing odd about that sense of satisfaction, Susan. It’s the only healthy reaction. Hell, Inslee probably thinks it’s funny. He’s gotta be getting tired of hearing himself speak by now, constantly rolling out platitudes in an effort to placate a state full of career internet commenters. I remember an Inslee presser where he talked about 5 or so “buckets of data,” each one of those having other buckets within it. It reminded me of my last job, being in meetings with civilians from The Air Force Weather Agency, rolling my eyes at all the committee-speak that they seemed to invent anew each time they came to town.

In of my earliest posts I talked about all the people saying that life will never be the same again. That the world is permanently changed and COVID-19 will forever influence the way we do things. I still don’t agree in the least. We’re elastic. The threat will pass (has passed, let’s face it), and the surviving businesses will succeed or fail based on the same criteria as before. The masks will come off, the distances will be closed between us and we’ll complain again about technology keeping us too far apart. Loans will be granted and denied, college degrees won’t mean any more or less (if less is even possible), racism and sexism will still be conjured out of thin air and deployed like paratroopers wherever someone wants something that he or she hasn’t earned. People who lost jobs during the lockdown will still go through the process of resumes and interviews in order to find new ones.

The only place that Coronavirus will live on is in the tiresome conversations of people who didn’t get the apocalypse they were hoping for. The people who only derive self-worth from pontificating about the tragedies they’ve survived; whose identities are so enmeshed with politics and social media that they can only communicate in buzzwords and memes. They’ll be standing in a healthy world, downtown somewhere, amid bustling commerce, noise, and a complete return to normal, and still talking about the Coronavirus as a lurking threat to humanity and the future of Lululemon. “We shouldn’t let our guard down,” they’ll love to say. If you’re talking like that, your perimeter’s already been breached; you never got your guard up in time to begin with.


The dig continues apace:

May 2
May 2
May 4
May 4
May 5
May 5

Yesterday, wonder of wonders! my kids both came out and helped. Like, actually helped. Each one grabbed a shovel and spent a solid half hour out there doing good work. I didn’t ask them to; my daughter just came out and started digging, then The Boy joined in. Eventually he felt the joy of swinging the pick into the earth, and only stopped when he could barely lift it anymore. I figure  2 or 3 more days and I should be able to put down the gravel base, if I can find someone to deliver it. I reached out to the local fellow last week, but he hasn’t gotten back to me.  Maybe by Mother’s Day it’ll be looking like something.


No “Homeless in Coronafornia” update today. He messaged me from a computer in a Motel 6 lobby yesterday, saying that his phone was stolen. Theft is SOP among the homeless, and he’s been victimized countless times over the years. I don’t guess that a few months of Coronavirus lockdown is going to permanently change anything about that situation, either. But by all means, tell me about your all-new, post COVID world.

Phase your buckets carefully, Comrade Citizen!

6 thoughts on “The PVP Diaries #38”

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  2. Your new picture at the top is very nice. Very soothing to look at. That patio project looks like it will be nice when your done. I am surprised your boy hasn’t been helping more. Our two boys were hole digging crazy. They thought post hole diggers were awesome fun. We’re in our mid 60’s so that is way too much project for us to attempt at this stage in life. Last year I replaced 800 sq. ft of carpet in our finished basement with carpet tiles. That’s when I swore off big projects for the rest of my life. Really good to hear the brother is doing OK. Things being stolen from him is probably SOP. He doesn’t associate with the elite of society. Not to say that the elite are trust worthy, they go for much bigger prizes than mere cellphones. As for your governor, I think all politicians have a degree of narcissism in them. They love to hear themselves talk and crave an audience for their gibberish.

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    1. I try to be soothing when I can.

      The Boy has been out there with me more. He’s found a love for going to war against the roots, using the pick as his weapon of choice. The mattock. The whatever-the-right-word-is. Normally, “help” from the kids is little more than me humoring them while they don’t get much done, but they’re just old enough now to be genuinely useful, and I love it.


  3. If it has a “pick” on both ends, it’s a pick. If it has a pick on one end and a flat hoe-like blade on the other,it’s a mattock. If you replace the pick on a mattock with an axe blade, it’s a pulaski. Why this tool is named for a Polish-born American Revolution hero is a mystery to me -maybe it was created in on of the towns across country named for him- but it the standard tool for forest fire fighting because it digs up roots well to create firebreaks. DAMHIK. 🙂


    1. Pulaski it is! I am one item better informed today, thank you.

      The firefighters are correct – it’s great for the roots. I’m dealing with plenty. Small ones, but it pries them up and chops them efficiently.


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