The PVP Diaries #33

Neon lights and slinking purple skies
Squeeze out soft regrets from all our lies
As I greet another door that opens in
To that place where we repeatedly begin

I’m tangled up in try
Slipping on I wonder why
I face
Affection, not embrace

Another urban wasteland thick with fears
Icy lights that shine like frozen television tears
Or dying embers of another day
Please tell me what it is I want to say

I’m tangled up in try
Slipping on I wonder why
I face
Affection, not embrace
Affectionate embrace


Update 4-28

It was quiet on the local front yesterday – no big news from the guv, and nothing about the bridge. There was, however, this story brought to light, concerning the rather swift 20 month rebuild of a bridge that collapsed in Genoa, Italy. The collapse, while killing 40 people, gave them something we don’t have here with the West Seattle Bridge: a head start. The controlled demolition will probably add some time to the project (if it needs demolition at all, which hasn’t yet been determined), but I would also think that controlled demolition would mean easier, quicker cleanup. Though of course I know nothing about these things and am just wildly speculating. I’m not making improbably specific guesses in a dearth of knowledge and understanding, banking my chits for future claims of Nostradamian righteousness.


Go ahead, steal it and make your own. My brother-in-law has a print shop, maybe I’ll ask him to pretty it up a little and print one out:

Virus Fashion


We played trivia last night. Our neighbors here on our not-so-dead-end street invited us last year to a fundraiser for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, which was enough to get us on the list for things like last night’s fund-raising virtual trivia happy hour, hosted by our neighbor who is an auctioneer and all around crowd pleaser, with a toolkit that includes magic and yes, trivia hosting. We took the 30 second walk to their house and sat on their deck under some heat lamps, teamed up with the other half of the marriage while submitting to all royal demands for social distancing, and finished in a dignified 5th place out of some 45-ish teams. Mind you, many of the other players were physicists, biologists, etc. from the Fred Hutch Center, so I’ll take it.

The three rounds were interspersed with some brief statements by a couple of the aforementioned contestants, who talked about the work they’ve done on COVID-19 – nothing as exciting as announcing a vaccine, but much calm and no claims to know how bad it is, was, or could be. No speculation about transmission, and no implications that they know better than someone else. It’s funny how the confidence of actual knowledge seems to inhibit the desire to wear it like a crown. That’s for the rest of us, who only know what we know from social media. They have work to do, and they’re doing it. One guy said that his colleague was losing tens of thousands of dollars worth of “very special” mice, something to do with genes. Fred Hutch does a lot of work with genetics.

Anyway, their work isn’t just for Seattle or Washington, so if you have any interest in donating, here you go.


Mostly uneventful day yesterday, otherwise. My wife noted recently that for all of our eating at home, we haven’t had anything Asian yet. I checked what we had on hand and made some lettuce wraps with ground beef. It was damn good and a nice change of pace. But I also put a bunch of chicken into a brine so that I can fry it up tonight and get us back to basics (though I don’t know what’s more basic than ground beef and iceberg lettuce). Fried chicken gets us all a little excited here, especially the kids, who can’t get enough of it. I don’t think there’s any food, short of dessert, that they’ll eat more of. It’s a cliche, but it’s true: there’s very little in life as satisfying as putting food in front of your people and watching them enjoy everything about it.

Expect some obnoxious and obvious quotes from  Animal Farm here in the coming posts. Orwell in a time of Government overreach? I’m so proud of my daughter’s school.

Don’t be trivial, Comrade Citizen!

5 thoughts on “The PVP Diaries #33”

  1. So far a good day. For the first time in weeks, it’s above 60 degrees in Buffalo, NY where I live. I took a long walk and as I ate my lunch I read your newest, and always entertaining, plague diaries while listening to the Weakerthans. Thanks for posting, Andy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Air is life. All I know about Buffalo is that it gets cold, so I’m glad you’re getting some walking around weather. We’ve had it good here, plenty of sun and warmth.

      Thanks for coming by and reading, I’m glad you’re enjoying it all.

      Liked by 1 person

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