What Just Happened?

I know Glenn Reynolds isn’t exactly siting around wondering why I haven’t thanked him yet. At the rate things go over at Instapundit, I’m sure he’s already forgotten my piece that he happened to stumble upon and chose to link. Check these stats – I’m not exactly on the internet’s radar:

Instalanche Capture

The spike at the end, last weekend, was my little Instalanche moment. The feel of celebrity is a little electrifying, yes (more views in a day than in the 10 previous years. COMBINED). But honestly, there was some grime in the mix. A dirty little feeling of wondering whether I actually said something intelligent, relevant, and meaningful, or was simply chumming the waters like most everyone else. I suppose it’s all a little of both, and for now I’m happy to slide back into obscurity, sweating out an over-sentimental poem or two when the hours become available.

My sincere thanks to Glenn and everyone at Instapundit, and especially to my long-time almost mentor Gerard, whose fault this whole thing really is, anyway. Thank you also to each and every one of my followers – whether you’ve been here for years or joined up over the fruitful weekend. People say things like “You write for yourself,” but I’ve always thought that was bullshit. I do it for you. All 80 of you , haha.


1 thought on “What Just Happened?”

  1. You Deserve accolades for not just saying what so many think, but saying it splendidly. In doing so, you’ve maybe exposed your blog to the outrage mob, who’s motto (stolen from Clint’s movie) is “Deserves got nothing to do with it.”

    In case that happens, never apologize. They feast on that, and it won’t redeem you in their eyes. Tell them to F off. Here is some Canadian guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVYwVQ8huzs


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