4 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. If I’m being honest, I’m bothered or put off by some scansions and rhythms and rimes I see right here on New West Havens. But I know your pursuit of beauty is genuine, and even if I disagree with your imagry from time to time, I carry stock in your profession. [And I really like this and the way it compels you to use the “

    " tag. ]


      1. I’ve never made the commitment to really working on my page, getting what I want out of it. As it is, without rocking the “pre,” all this WordPress theme allows me to do is left, center, right justify. No tabs, no indents without manual intervention. And I’m too lazy for that. Mostly.


        1. That’s not lazy, that’s a sensible refusal not to get down in the weeds of WordPress. My page uses Thesis as a theme and it has so many features that I can’t begin to use them all and sometimes when I do it screws up the rest of the page and I have to go round and round with Support to straighten it out. Simplicity is a feature and a benefit.


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