Each Part Apart

The grant diagnoses the wish’s diseases.

A part of him welcomed the hard-morning punches,
and he clocked in gut-first to his duties in bunches.

The thought made his bacon.
The thought taught him wishes.
The thought wrought a First Thing
that then piled up the dishes.

A part of him flew from inside his lost clout,
then pronely retreated to a bone-lonely doubt.

The thought stacked his papers.
The thought brought him wishes.
The thought sought a birthing
that then burst from its stitches.

A part of him sat oddly apart from his peaces.
Where the grant diagnoses the wish’s diseases.
The thought’s unrelated to
The thought’s rotten missives.
The thought’s naught but Springing
That then dies where it misses.

A part of him sat in each part of the place
Each part apart and no parts face to face.

Tiny Giant

I had a tiny body once
so often rapt with joy.
It turned the wheels of tiny bikes
and proclaimed “Here comes a boy!”

It left me bleeding once or twice
and bumped a thing or two
as I flew around this giant world
and learned to steer it true.

Everything that held the line
from getting all confused
was new and out in front of me
and replaced what I misused.

Now giant eyes have seen the world
but in glancing glance away
From the giant things I once beheld
but are tiny now today.